Travel on a Budget: Visit Seven of the World’s Greatest Places for less than $15

I got to see a preview of the new IMAX movie debuting at the RH Fleet on Feb 1 called The GREATEST PLACES this week, along with several other Balboa Park VIPs, and boy did it ever inspire me to dust off the ol’ passport! From the highest plateaus in Tibet to the frozen tundras of Greenland to the critters and beetles of Madagascar, this is definitely a film that speaks to the wanderlust side of everyone. It’s only 40 minutes long, so just when you’re getting interested in the Namib desert dunes and how they dust right up against the Atlantic Ocean, you’re whisked away to the glaciers of Greenland. And with that amazing Nanoseam™ Dome screen at the RH Fleet, it really feels like the iguana’s tougue is going to reach out and zap you in your seat. Definitely worth seeing with kids, parents, grandparents and anyone who likes to travel.

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